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"Up And Down" draws on a combination of history and current events both in terms of music and lyrics. The kernel of the song is based on the observations that something is happening and that it is important to do something about it. While there are some parallels to the classic Buffalo Springfield song, "For What It's Worth", the overall message in "Up And Down" is the complete opposite. In the 1960s, most teenagers could not find Vietnam on a map of Southeast Asia, which tended to result in having no ideas why there was a war, as well as why anyone would want to fight in it. Overall, it was confusing at best.

At the dawn of the early 21st century, everything is dramatically different, because terrorists hijacked commercial airplanes and crashed them into New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, which is on the same level as the infamous attacks on Pearl Harbor at the beginning of the Second World War. Bad people attacked our great nation, and we need to destroy the bad people, preferrably by removing them and all their various infrastructure permanently from the universe, forever and forever. The Surf Whammys will be very happy to learn that our military helicopter and fighter jet crews like to listen to "Up And Down" while making bombing runs and that our troops on the ground and sailors at sea like to listen to "Up And Down" while doing their necessary fighting. The sooner we destroy the terrorists and all their evil stuff, the better. This song is dedicated to the fighting military men and women of our great nation!

[1st Verse]

Something's going on.
Everything's taking too long.
Nobody knows what's right and wrong.

[1st Chorus]

How long can this go on and on . . .
How long can this go round and round,
Up and down all day and night?
Up and down's all right!

[2nd Verse]

Some things take too long,
But you gotta be strong,
Doing what you know is right!

[2nd Chorus]

Getting it in your sight . . .
In the dark and in the light,
Up and down all day and night.
Up and down's all right!

[3rd Verse]

Ask me if I care?
Have you ever been there?
Don't tell me what to do!

[3rd Chorus]

'Cause I'll come after you . . .
All the day and all the night,
Up and down all day and night.
Up and down's all right!

[Lead Guitar] ~ [Background Vocals: Hey! Hey! Bombs away! . . .]

[Repeat 3rd Chorus]

[Repeat 1st Verse and 1st Chorus]

[Lead Guitar] ~ [Background Vocals: Hey! Hey! Bombs away! . . . Hey! ]

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