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In some ways, this song is the yang to the yin of "She Likes To Play", and it lends itself to a variety of interpretations, depending upon which perspective might make the most sense. Certainly the so-called "Youth Of Today" are faced with a virtual festival of disturbing realities, nearly none of which existed in previous decades. Instantaneous and nearly overwhelming information combined with everything else is a bit much, no matter how one attempts to make sense of it.

There are many levels to the music and lyrics of this song, and the Surf Whammys hope that you enjoy analyzing, interpreting, and understanding what might be just a silly rock and roll song that has a driving beat and a fabulous wank guitar solo, smashing drums, pulsating KORG® Triton Studio music workstation synthesizers, and a popping rubber band bass guitar line that pushes the rhythm section to the edge of split-second synchronicity.

Could the lyrics suggest that the Surf Whammys have an adolescent crush on the First Lady? We certainly hope not!

[1st Verse]

My parents are on crack,
And my teachers are so gay,
Sometimes I wonder,
Why it's got to be this way?

My head hurts when I think,
And I was nearly to the brink,
But I've found a way to deal with it,
When it gets too unreal.

[2nd Verse]

You're the beaver in "Madam",
You're the puffies in "My Spam",
You're everything that I could want.

You're the Bush in the White House,
With the manicured front lawn,
You're the "S" in "My Smile",
I've been loving you so long,
I can't hold on . . .


All I really want to do,
Is knock on wood,
And think about you!

Is knock on wood,
And think about you!


In the morning, and the night,
Just about any time's all right . . .
All right!

Knock on wood!

[Lead Guitar]

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