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Since the basic concept for the album began with the idea of doing a surreal commemorative of the 40th anniversary of the release of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (Beatles), it appeared to be logical to have a cosmic song with an electric sitar guitar part. So, after pondering the parallel Beatles song for a while, the idea for "Inside You, Outside Too" began to appear.

Around the same time, there was a curious news report about a Friesian bull in Wales that was causing a bit of controversy due to its being considered by a local group of Hindus to be a minor deity while being considered by the local Welsh public health authorities to be a public health hazard, with the eventual result not being so fabulous for the Friesian bull. Consequently, and for a variety of additional reasons, the silly verse for "Inside You, Outside Too" appeared, based in part on thinking that "Winawayna" might have something to do with India (as contrasted to Peru, as is the actual reality).

As do many of the other apparently silly songs on this album, "Inside You, Outside Too" has many levels, at least a few of which are not so silly when you think about them for a while. If it starts raining lemons, then most of the time the best strategy is to get some sugar and water and then to make lemonade (typically after it stops raining, unless you happen to be driving a tank at the time). Without knowing all the details, intuitively it makes sense that getting the Friesian bull some medicine might have been a better solution, overall.

The voices heard in the verse are digitally synthesized in harmony by a TC-Helicon® VoiceWorks vocal processor, and the lead guitar is played through DigiTech® Whammy® and Dunlop® Crybaby pedals, as well as few other onboard special effects, including IK Multimedia Amplitube® 2. And there is an electric sitar guitar being played, along with an assortment of cowbells.


Winawayna, Winawayna,
La-La . . . La-La . . .
Bye, Bye Shambo!
Say "Hi!" to Krishna . . .
We really miss ya'!
At least you're not a Big Mac® . . .
Please come back!

[Multivoice Echo Chorus]

Inside you . . . outside too . . .
Inside you . . . outside too . . .

[Repeat Verse and Chorus four times . . . ]



[Radio Announcer with chanting heard in the background]

We now interrupt this broadcast for a special announcement. Authorities in Lianpumsaint Wales today surrounded the Hindu Skanda Vale Temple where they are preparing a peaceful assault with the intent of seizing Shambo the Friesian Bull, who is believed to be in the country masquerading as a minor Hindu deity. The various religious leaders and their followers, being passive in nature, are busily chanting in the background. As Shambo is led from the compound, a group of chanters are heard repeating over and over, "Bye, Bye Shambo"


Bye, Bye Shambo . . .

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