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"Dreams" is the most heavily produced song on the album. It features two separate sets of drums, and the singing is a blend of over 40 different tracks and voices, some of which were created digitally via a TC-Helicon® VoiceWorks harmonic vocal processor. This type of extensive "doubling" is a variation of one of the vocal recording techniques John Lennon used throughout his career.

Yet another curious bit of information about "Dreams" is that due to a glitch in the configuration of the digital recording software, it was not possible to hear the lead guitar as it was being played and recorded.

Consequently, the lead guitar counterpoint and solos were composed and played in real-time through DigiTech® Whammy® and Dunlop® Crybaby pedals by a guitarist who for all practical purposes heard everything except what he was playing, which one might suggest only is possible when you actually hear music in your mind and can map it accurately to an instrument in a textural way separately from being able to hear it physically. This is one of the more fascinating aspects of mapping patterns to melody, harmony, and counterpoint (in the sense that if the pattern is correct, the notes also will be correct).



I was thinking to myself this morning,
About a million years ago today,
While I was flying through spacetime,
In a polka-dotted coffee can,
With a lollipop and a candy bar in hand,
That something as round as an orange,
And as deep as a cup might never fill up . . .

But then it could, if it only would,
Which made no sense,
Except that it was a dream,
Or it might have been . . .
"Whatever that meant!",
Said the coffee to the cream,
And the peppermint . . .


Dreams never end . . . Dreams never end . . .
Dreams, dreams, dreams . . .

The clock is running spacetime,
Upside-down in circles,
And the words like to rhyme,
But sometimes they don't,
And other times they can't,
Because they won't,
Again and again, and over and over and over . . .

Many times, though some times just once in a while,
They make you happy, and then you smile,
Or they might make you sad, and you cry,
The only thing they really never ever do is make sense,
For all intents,
Until you think about it . . . for a while,
And then you smile . . .

[Chorus with echo]

Dreams never end . . . Dreams only begin . . .
Dreams, dreams, dreams . . . never end . . .

[Panning Lead Guitar] ~ [Psychoanalyst]

You know, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,
And that's about all there is to it, really . . .

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